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The Rhizomatic Project

The Rhizomatic Project

seeks to understand the connectedness between the queer and environmental movements. Encompassing a set of interviews that are part life history, part oral history, and part unclassified, the Project hopes to bring attention to Eco-Queer activism and unpack the why, how, and so what of an emerging movement. Second, the Project seeks to present a countermemory to thinking of movements past. In today's political climate where politicians seek to call into question the existence of queer subjectivities, it is critical to reaffirm that we've always existed—our resistance simply has not been recognized. This is the subterranean nature of queer resistance.  While others may direct our attention solely at the surface, we assert the unhistoricized, the unseen, or subterranean efforts are just as important. Third, the Project will lend insights on potential strategies for mainstream environmental organizations in building a diverse movement. In bringing together activists and movements past, present, and future, we imagine stitching these roots together expands the possibilities of political subjectivities and imaginaries.  


"There's no guidebook for how to show up for queer ecology"

Queerida Del Valle Pic.jpg

Queerida Del Valle

“I want you to be you and know that I’m in this movement and an extension of you.”

S. Charles Climate March Sign.jpg

-S. Charles-

"The Time for 'Far Apart, Far and Away Work' is Now"

Will Pic.jpg

-Will Scott-

“Being queer is not somewhere else—I am it.”

AB Photo.JPG

- Amanda Bloom -

"I want queers to know that climate is important"

Clio Pic.jpg

-Clio Soiffer-

"I don't think there is one agenda anymore."

Margaret Rossoff Pic.JPG

-Margaret Rossoff-

“My attitude was the liberals can take care of this and it became clear that they didn’t.”

Jeff Feng



About the Interviewer

Jeff Feng (he/they) is a PhD student in Political Science at UC Santa Barbara originally from Radford, Virginia and energized by environmental justice organizing and research. Their research interests include how movements fight back against extractive industries and their entrenched power, how discursive connections between movement framings foster mobilization and organizing, and how to grow the eco-queer movement. Jeff enjoys fiction novels, book clubs, plants, and pop culture.

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