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“What is one solution to climate chaos in your community?” Share your answer with #Queers4ClimateJustice 

On September 8th, 2018, we turned out over 100 LGBTQ people to the RISE March for Climate Jobs and Justice and built a kaleidoscopic coalition including Two-Spirit and QTPOC artists, farmers, and activists, as well as deeply-rooted LGBTQ institutions including the SF AIDS Foundation

As members of the LGBTQ community, we are people whose lives embody change and transformation. And we are also particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. We need the mainstream to pay attention, we need to demand the right to thrive, and we need to demand that the climate movement recognize our community as part of the frontlines of ecological injustice.

Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this film and the ongoing support of this project.
In order of appearance:Kanyon Sayers-Roods, Matti Bautista, Javier Stell-Fresquez, Vanessa Raditz, Jim Montgomery

Editing: Matti Bautista & Mickella Simone Miller; Logo Design: Diego Gómez; Nature Footage: Taproot Media

The RISE is ongoing. We move from the march into a future of actions and community-building all around the world. Use hashtag #Queers4ClimateJustice and join the conversation. Find us on Instagram @Queers4ClimateJustice.

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