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Queer Ecojustice Project organizes at the intersection of ecological justice and queer liberation. We envision this as an intersectional movement platform to catalyze culture, consciousness, and community around our collective concerns and building coalition across difference.




We seek to amplify the voices of queer folks living at the intersections and catalyze creation of a queer ecological narrative that weaves our movements. This includes amplifying writers and artists, creating our own zines and videos, and serving as a hub to allow others a platform to share their work. Have a project you want to share on our website? Email us <3

We value education to distribute and seed this story. We offer workshops, trainings, and reading groups to support organizations and collectives weaving queer or ecological movement goals into their work. These offerings range from LGBTQ 101 trainings for environmental non-profits, to supporting grassroots queer liberation groups bring an ecologically-aware, resilience-based organizing strategy to their work. Visit workshops & events page to see what we've offered in the past & contact us to book workshops.

We aspire to lead and support hands-on projects that improve the ecological and social resilience of queer community. We envision a future full of skill-share gatherings that support queer youth & cultural centers install gardens, solar panels and other resources for community resilience. Long-term dreamy dreams of a summer academy for queer youth, teaching ecological sciences, earth-based healing arts, and preparing youth for work building & inhabiting a queer ecological future. Step by step. Reach out if you are working on a project like this and would like thought partners.

We are in the early stages of
Designing our pathway to this vision.

We are seeking collaborators and resources for these three main project areas.

About queer ecojustice project

Structure & Leadership

QEP is a collaboration between
Desi Fontenot, Vanessa Raditz, & Roya Banan


Desi is a queer black femme whose organizing and academic work is focused on land-based learning and resistance, POC-centered cooperative housing projects, and black liberation. 


Vanessa is a white genderqueer & femme-fluid urban farmer and homeless youth educator dreaming, teaching and healing in alliance with people’s movements for ecojustice and qollective liberation.


Roya is a queer mixed race geographer and climate justice organizer whose work focuses on direct community resistance and resilience at the intersections of decolonization and ecological justice.


We are seeking more core collective members  to tend this project to the next phase.


We're talking grant writing, network-building, facilitating workshops & carrying the message of a queer ecological vision.  


Sound exciting?

<3 We want to hear from you <3



We intend to be a base-building and membership-driven organization,

and we envision our base consisting of those whose lives embody these intersections:

Queer folks in rural areas, including those creating community in queer autonomous land projects, as well as those living on the frontlines of environmental harm

Queer folks who have been displaced from land-based livelihoods due to homophobia and other intersecting violences, including homeless and incarcerated queer youth

Queer folks who work within environmental, climate, or food justice organizations, and those whose work builds a queer ecological future.

We prioritize leadership from people who are most impacted
by the cisnormative, white supremacist, capitalist, ableist, settler-colonial heteropatriarchy system that is also the root of environmental degradation- as such, people of color,
two-spirit, undocuqueer, trans*, gender non-conforming, and folks with dis/abilities are centered, highly respected, and encouraged to get involved.


Crafting culture At the Intersections

We seek to amplify the voices of queer artists weaving the narrative of queer ecological justice.

Follow us on Instagram at @Queers4ClimateJustice & Contact us for collaboration ideas

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trans power
QEP began in Spring 2016 with the queer ecologies & collective liberation reading group, and we stay true to these roots: we are nerdy queers eager to share academic resources and support local groups bring these conversations to their communities.
Sign-up on our contact list to get information about upcoming reading groups and workshops, and to find a "node" in your community (or build one yourself!)
What are "queer ecologies" 
exactly? And how does this relate to collective liberation?
This is what we
want to find out.
How is a place, a home, an ecology, related to identities, bodies, and actions? What does it mean for something to be "natural" and what is a "natural body"? What are the similarities and differences- the intersections and the incommensurabilities- between the ways that our bodies and our lands are stolen from us; the ways borders and binaries are built between us; the ways that science and the state investigate and manage us? What healing could be possible in reweaving the tattered threads of our relationships? What does it mean for us to launch a queer ecological movement for collective liberation?


What are you qurious about?

We were honored to work with the Movement Generation collective on their recently-launched Strategic Framework for a Just Transition Zine.
Download a free copy today, and check out our contribution on page 25:
"To Achieve a Just Transition, we must Queer our movements."

Seeding Consciousness

We Are Eager to Support projects that improve the ecological and social resilience of queer community. 
What are you working on?
* Skill Shares
* Installing gardens, solar, and other resources for resilience in queer community
* Climate Justice Organizing
Contact us if you'd like thought-partners & support
More Coming Soon

Cultivating Resilient qommunities

Join us in manifesting this vision of a queer ecological future for people and the planet

Join The Project


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