Reading Group:

Tuesdays 6-8pm, 106 Mulford Hall, UC Berkeley 

We will be launching the project in 2016 by beginning with a weekly 
reading group that hosts conversations discussing readings, poems, art, film, personal experiences, and the interweaving of all of these aspects, as we collectively unpack what queer ecologies means to us and what it looks like as a praxis for collective liberation. UC Berkeley students can receive 2 units credit to participate in the project as part of a DeCal (Democratic Education at Cal) Class. 


The reading group will culminate by creating a zine and putting on a day of celebration and healing. See more about how the reading group relates to the project under "Join the Project"



Accessing Readings:

Join the Project for Access to Complete Readings Folder

We are committed to making all of the readings accessible to participants. We will be downloading, photocopying, and otherwise tracking down all of the readings that are listed in the "Dreamstorm" (below), and will have them available in our group googlefolder.


To get access to this folder, sign-up here and select "participant"



Theme 1: Queer Ecologies & Collective Liberation

2.2: Queer Ecologies: Current Conceptualizations

2.9: Decolonizing Queer Ecology

2.16: Collective Liberation



Theme 2: The Body &"The Natural"

2.23 - “Natural” Bodies:
            The “Gay Gene”& the Science of Difference

3.1 - “Unnatural” Bodies: Contamination and Disgust

3.8 - “Closer to the Earth”:
             Queer Animality& Animalization


If you are able to come to some but not all, you are welcome to drop in. We have  community agreements that we will share with you to help create a safer space for discussion and maintain the integrity of the group who is committing to the full journey!

Theme 3:  Place, Space, & Land

3.15 - Queer Geographies

3.29 - Borders and Binaries & Transnational Solidarity

4.5 - Land (Re)clamation & the Sovereign Erotic



Theme 4: Love & Healing

4.12 - Healing the Environmental Injustice of AIDS

4.19 - Queering Healing & Spiritual Practices

4. 26 - Love & Liberation


Spring 2016 Reading Group