QEP began in Spring 2016 with the queer ecologies & collective liberation reading group, and we stay true to these roots: we are nerdy queers eager to share academic resources and support organizers bring these conversations to their LGBTQ & environmental communities.
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Seeding Consciousness

What are "queer ecologies" 
exactly? And how does this relate to collective liberation?
This is what we
want to find out.
How is a place, a home, an ecology, related to identities, bodies, and actions? What does it mean for something to be "natural" and what is a "natural body"? What are the similarities and differences- the intersections and the incommensurabilities- between the ways that our bodies and our lands are stolen from us; the ways borders and binaries are built between us; the ways that science and the state investigate and manage us? What healing could be possible in reweaving the tattered threads of our relationships? What does it mean for us to launch a queer ecological movement for collective liberation?


What are you qurious about?

Queering the Just Transition
We were honored to work with the Movement Generation collective on their recently-launched Strategic Framework for a Just Transition Zine.
Download a free copy today, and check out our contribution on page 25:
"To Achieve a Just Transition, we must Queer our movements."

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